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thedhasnow asked: ÅÅÅH SKA DU GÖRA YATO omg bless känns som om jag är typ enda Noragami fanet i sverige 8))))


ÄLSKAR NORAGAMI!! Jag menar, Yato är så sjukt sassy. Måste cosplaya honom!

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gakisera asked: Hellou!~ I have a question: Since you're pretty tall, do you still wear heels and platform shoes? And if yes, how do you find the confidence for it? I'm quite tall myself and I'm always kinda meh while wearing platforms. Sorry to bother you, goodbye!


Because….legs…There’s nothing else to say about it. 

Legs are sooooooo incredibly good looking….omg

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Finally got around to make myself one of these facebook-cosplay sites!  
Link here:
Please like it if you want an easy way to stay updated with my cosplays. So incredibly happy for all your support. Many hugs! / Jözz

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Today I spent the afternoon with Emilia, Saga, Emma and Fabian. We watched the cherry blossoms in Stockholm and had the most fabulous afternoon ever ♥

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Moga Mogami,最上もが


Moga Mogami,最上もが

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OMg is this real life?!?!!!!! (✿ ♥‿♥)

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I am I 目玉焼きニットプルオーバー

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